Ipek Kara

I’m originally from Istanbul,Turkey.I studied in French high school in my home country for two years and I moved to Canada to experience different cultures and to expand my vision.Fashion and designing was always my greatest passion so I decided to study it in it’s center, which is Milan,Naba.So now I am open to opportunities in fashion field.


The collection name is called “Love Language” which we decided and worked with my fashion student friend “Andrea Boccadoro.The purpose of the collection is to spread love, kindness and respect .Add to that, we wanted to show the ones who are mistreated and faced violence because of their sexual characteristics,that they aren’t alone and they are beautiful with all their colors.
Self-love comes first to be able to spread it around the world so the process begins in ourselves.?We prepared the collection with genderless clothings to give the idea of equality.Some decorations used as “pigeons” and “hearts” to embrace “peace” and love”.To be kind to the environment and the planet,up-cyled fabrics are also used rather than producing new materials.

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The concept for the collection Love Language by Ipek Kara, revolves around kindness.
Kindness between us as human beings, despite our differences of skin color, gender, sexual orientation, age, and kindness even between us, the Earth and its creatures
As a stylist, I wanted this collection to show diversity and positivity, through bolder and stronger lines, rather than showing a softer and lighter side
While for the brand identity, the view of the designer is kept minimal and simple. The identity for the collection is strong, bold and highly colored. Through the shooting and the video, the idea is to show intimacy and to show how great it feels to be yourself and to be at peace with who you are. The event wants to portray kindness and intimacy through an active performance directed by the artist Lee Bul. The dancers who will perform will wear the outfits of the collection, later accompanied by a “family” refreshments with typical food from Italy and Turkey.

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Francesca Fusetti

Hi! My name is Francesca Fusetti.
I come from Italy and I’m studying Fashion Styling and Communication at Naba in Milan.
My inspiration comes different sources from movies, books and people that I meet everyday in Milan. Before NABA, I studied languages in high school, but I discovered later my passion for art and in particular for fashion and styling. What really makes me enthusiastic of styling is that you create a story, give a feeling a personality to the already made clothes, adding more value to those creations.