Andrea Boccadoro

Self expression and creativity have always been important for me. After Art High School and a year spent in the United States, my interest in learning more about fashion has led me to my current study path, Fashion Design Bachelor in Naba Milan. I am looking forward to opportunities of professional and personal growth, new challenges and a closer look into the fashion industry.


I designed this collection with Ipek Kara. This was a way to challenge myself and work in a team. We worked on the theme of kindness, we developed this concept starting from the awareness of social inequality. We see the pain of minorities that are mistreated by a society that doesn’t recognize them.
Our aim was to propose kindness as a possible solution to this problem, kindness as an act of bravery and true punk rebellion. We believe that healing starts from how we treat one another, validating the identity and life experience of others comes back to us in a positive circle. This process must start within ourselves, with the way we express our own identity, free of rules and judgment.
The collection is a-gender, the customer is free to play with the different garments and find what makes them more happy.
Protecting and healing the planet is also an act of kindness, most of the materials we used for the collection are up-cycled and reused, limiting the consuming of new resources.

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Andrea Boccadoro and his collection “Love Language” simply want to reflect a positive attitude after this year of pandemic.
Both the collection and the development through photos and video want to approach people with a message of kindness and love.
The starting point is an aggressive and violent situation taken from our everyday life and what is going on socially and culturally speaking.
Talking to Andrea, I had the chance to understand his point of view and develop projects that could communicate love and affection, starting with his logo and branding part and finishing with a shooting and a small fashion film we created from scratch that narrates the story about the garments he created.

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Gaia Orrù

Hi! My name is Gaia Orrù and I’m studying Fashion Styling and Communication at NABA Milano.
I live in a small town near Milano and since I’m a curious person I wanted to discover the city and decided to go to high school there and study languages.
Not fully satisfied I decided to do a Bachelor Degree in english and had the chance to get in touch with many different people.
I think that Fashion can become an openminded environment that speaks loud not only for all those people that feel different with a negative meaning, but also speaks about bigger issues of our everyday life.