My interpretation of the 'Sound of Fashion' theme touches the Voice and the power of fashion as a first point, capable of going beyond any prejudice. Starting from the analysis of communication in its different nuances, I came to understand the importance of the communicative value of it that manages to reach everyone through sensational messages. Fashion allows any person to be able to freely express themselves, disguise themselves according to their personality. The LIBERTAS collection is born, from latin “freedom" that does not pay attention to rules and leaves room for spontaneity.

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Marta Rita Ghilardi

My name is Marta Rita Ghilardi, I’m 22 years old and I’m from Ripalta Vecchia, a city near Crema, Italy. I’m a fashion design student at NABA University in Milan. Before University I have followed a course of artistic studies, specializing in Graphic Design.
In the future I aim to become a fashion designer so that I’ll be able to start my own brand.