My collection is inspired by the sea as a place of apparent freedom and escape from the ordinary, a place that photographer Luigi Ghirri expresses in all its calm, with a veil of melancholy. The landscape seen through his eyes takes on hazy connotations, the edges of the figures become almost ethereal and blurred, the subjects are distant and the perception of emptiness often becomes the most intrusive element.
There is this need to feel free from an oppressive lifestyle, the sea represents a place without boundaries that isolates us from the outside world, and it is precisely this that Luigi Ghirri wants to reveal in his photographs, a contrast between melancholy and freedom, capable of triggering contrasting emotions in the observer.
"Wayfarer on the Sea of Fog" is a painting made in 1818 by Caspar David Friedrich, already in his time considered a symbol of Romanticism. That is why I decided to link the clothing of Romanticism, revisiting it in a more modern way, but maintaining a delicate style. The main theme of that period is emotions, such as melancholy underlining fragility in the face of a hostile world.

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Ludovica Arrighetti

Ludovica Arrighetti, I’m from Teramo. My passion for fashion was born when I was little, in a very spontaneous way.
Il mio stile delicato è romantico ma al contempo anche moderno è uno degli elementi molto più invadenti nelle mie collezioni.
Amo la parte di creazione di una collezione, dalla creazione di un moodboard alla realizzazione di figurini dove unisco ed esprimo tutte le mie idee.
Credo che ogni lavoro assume un valore aggiunto da piccole dettagli e rifiniture che nel contesto creano la differenza.

Free emotions is the title we have given to this project.

Nostalgia, romance and freedom are the words that have accompanied me throughout this journey together with the designer Ludovica Arrighetti.

For the shooting I staged freedom and romanticism, setting the shooting by the sea, recalling the size of the sand present in the photos of Luigi Ghirri, photographer present in the designer's concept.

For the brand, the designer wanted her initials to be present in the logo and so I studied a way to make them stand out. In place of the "L" I inserted a stylized breath that recalls the dimension of freedom while for the "A" I left a simple stylized and geometric A that contrasted with the very sinuous L.

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Carlo Valerio

I'm Carlo Valerio! I am a 21 year old boy and I was born in a small town in Abruzzo called Lanciano.
I decided to take this path in Naba, because the world of fashion fascinated and intrigued me from an early age and so I did. I am very happy to have made this choice which has led me to have new certainties and new knowledge, both in the school and personal fields.