Attilio Grecola

Since I was a child I’ve always felt the need to express myself through art forms, from music to painting and fashion. I was lucky enough to have a family who always supported me and still does. I was seven years old when I attended my first creative sewing class, and kept on attending them through middle school and fashion high school, while studying English, singing and anything that inspired or fulfilled me.
In University I acknowledged the power of fashion and art itself which gave me the purpose to use it as a form of activism to express my ideas and ideals.

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Let Them Wear Waste

“Let them wear waste!” is inspired by the last frame of Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette movie, which is Marie Antoniette’s empty room destroyed by the french revolution.
I envisioned the room as a symbol of the constructs made by the 700s aristocracy who researched a life of disassociation from nature and lower class society, made of fakeness, luxury and reckless overconsumption, which was stopped by the exploited society on the edge of destruction. Doesn’t nowadays society, dominated by exploiters of planetary resources thirsty for profit , remind of the French aristocracy ? And isn’t the fashion industry one of the most polluting and exploiting on a global level ?
My collection takes inspiration from rococo, modernized and translated through upcycling and dead stock materials, as a manifest for a new artisanal revolution against the unsustainability of the capitalistic industry.

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My vision of Unlabeled Collection , designed by Attilio Grecola, called Let Them Wear Waste is based on discomfort concept. The designer thought about a discomfort caused by the destruction after the French Revolution. I translated this concept with rococò’s style using mattresses and some other objects to capture the spirit of life at court. I chose to kept the same designer’s aesthetics putting my personal touch.

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Ludovica Del Verme

21 years old.
Born in Agropoli, Salerno.
I’m a stylist and art director based in Rome.
My main skills are graphic design, branding, editorial
projects, fashion videos and campaigns.
Branding and styling are the ones that I love taking care most.