Samuela D'onghia

Hi, I am Samuela D'Onghia, I am attending the third year of the fashion design's Bachelor program at Naba. Driven by a concept researching passion, my purpose is to combine my interest in visual art with the one in pattern making and design, so that I can recreate new experimental dimensions that merge different fields of art and culture. Regarding my attitude, I am curious, always interested in learning things, discovering different surroundings and enjoying new challenges, so I would like to work in the creative world and be surrounded by people who can help me improving skills and knowledge.


Le stelle il grande Triste è un ribelle che dubita

I have the constant feeling of being overpowered by gravity, without the strength to pull myself up and fly. This induces an undefined existential condition: trying to exist. The temptation to exist provokes a vertigo: the imposition of ideals makes the alteration of reality and the emergence of one's own consciousnesses impossible, in order not to fall into a capital Seriousness. I can be as the blind Will of mine wants me to be, and I can do it even while sitting. It's the analysis of the intersection between the concept of stability and instability, formality of a serious office job and informality of a life on the street. The inability to understand the failure due to degradation determines the subject's estrangement and the birth of a Limbo, mental journeys and oxymorons. The inept, incapable of fitting into a scheme or belonging to an environment that is, in his opinion, familiar, is led to a melancholic, unconscious, hybridisation. He folds in on himself, he is hunched, tired.

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This project was born precisely from the observation of modern society, plagued by the concept of success and failure. Clouded by these ideals the inept is lost in limbo, he will never return to the real world, remaining forced to create a new dimension.

Infatuated by the idea of success and anguished by the idea of failure, how to narrate the man.
The research follows these two extremes, in particular it analyses the intersection that is created by them.
The inept, inhabitant of limbo, bends over himself, is hunched, tired, feeble. He does not belong, does not exist, or rather exists in his dimension, created by him to ascend, pull himself up and fly, free.
Dominated by the ideal Beta, the second, accompanied by the feeling of being an intangible amount unworthy, resolutely aware of his circumstances, adapts and conforms the outside to his condition and does not allow the opposite.
Beyond the lines, he is a great sad, rebellious doubter.

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Martina Emendi

Hi, I’m Martina Emendi I’m 21 I come from Milan and I’m attending the last year of Fashion Styling and Communication’s Bachelor Program at NABA.
My research is based on my ability to observe the environment around me and for this reason it is constantly evolving. I consider myself a keen observer.