Samuela D'onghia

Hi, I am Samuela D'Onghia, I am attending the third year of the fashion design's Bachelor program at Naba. Driven by a concept researching passion, my purpose is to combine my interest in visual art with the one in pattern making and design, so that I can recreate new experimental dimensions that merge different fields of art and culture. Regarding my attitude, I am curious, always interested in learning things, discovering different surroundings and enjoying new challenges, so I would like to work in the creative world and be surrounded by people who can help me improving skills and knowledge.


Le stelle il grande Triste è un ribelle che dubita

I have the constant feeling of being overpowered by gravity, without the strength to pull myself up and fly. This induces an undefined existential condition: trying to exist. The temptation to exist provokes a vertigo: the imposition of ideals makes the alteration of reality and the emergence of one's own consciousnesses impossible, in order not to fall into a capital Seriousness. I can be as the blind Will of mine wants me to be, and I can do it even while sitting. It's the analysis of the intersection between the concept of stability and instability, formality of a serious office job and informality of a life on the street. The inability to understand the failure due to degradation determines the subject's estrangement and the birth of a Limbo, mental journeys and oxymorons. The inept, incapable of fitting into a scheme or belonging to an environment that is, in his opinion, familiar, is led to a melancholic, unconscious, hybridisation. He folds in on himself, he is hunched, tired.

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