Le Son Du Toucher

Sound is a passage of small and large noises, vibrations, whistles and roars.

Sound can be created by the world but also created by ourselves; a noise that is created both by our steps but also by the rustling of the wind and the rustling of the leaves. This noise arouses calm and tranquility in me, relaxes me, it is a very light sound.

This delicate and "subtle" buzz reminds me of the sizzle of the fabrics, a very delicate sound and in some cases almost absent but the perception and the delicate sound arouse in me security and serenity.

I decided to analyze the fibers of the fabrics, both natural and synthetic: I associated a poem to each fiber which in my opinion describes the perception of the sound that that fabric arouses.

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Antonia Fabiani

Hi, I'm Fabiani Antonia, I'm 23 years old.
Three years ago I decided to move to Milan to chase one of my biggest dreams. Since I was a child I have always been intrigued by art, in all its expressive forms. As a child I expressed and told my passion through the creation of "garments", I remember that at the age of seven, I asked my mom to buy me a fabric because I wanted to make a trapeze dress. So I go to a fabric shop, I decided to use the vichy. My mom helped me create the pattern and I teach myself to sew by hand. It was a real challenge for me, but I managed to finish it. I decided to enroll in the artistic high school, here I had the opportunity to know some aspects that are behind the fashion sector. After five years, I decided to continue my studies, enrolling in the Naba. During these three years, I have had the opportunity to know and understand what is really behind the fashion world. Furthermore, I realized that one of my greatest satisfactions is being able to create a garment through my hands, experimenting with various fabrics and patterns.