Lala Langue

The collection is inspired by our voices and has as objective an approaching the relationship between the voice, the body and the unconscious, through the definition of the psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan. He defines lalangue as the mother-tongue: the first language that we learn before we even learn how to make sense of things.
Hence lalangue reveals the moment where we can recognize enjoyment in language — enjoyment only, not meaning! The voice has a life of its own, and it doesn’t always respond to the subject’s commands.
This translate to garment large and voluminous silhouetes and for understand better this concept i used recycled materials such as selvedge waste for a floral knitted – it’s only pure jouissance, yarn waste and other sustainable alternatives, in the same way as the voice is a remnant for Lacan: "a residue of what we want to say."

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Juliene Quaglio

Hi! I'm Juliene Quaglio.
I'm a sunny person, sincere and sweet. My passions drive me every day beyond my limits to make me grow and become stronger.