Francesca Deidda

Francesca Deidda, Iím 23 years old, Iím a NABA Fashion Design student and I live in Rescaldina, a little town near Milan. I developed my interest and my abilities in sewing thanks to my family, which made me discover this world since I was a child.
I love to exalt the human body and all its natural imperfections with snug fabrics and pastel colours in order to show the true essence of anybody.


Nudity is our main dress since we were born.
Nudity is the universal dress with whom everyone lives in a completely personal way.
This collection wants to let the naked body be, with its characteristics, the most natural possible, through the reinterpretation of sensuality in a "modest" way, in order to extrapolate it from the context of intimacy where itís repressed.
I have a really strong love relationship with my own nudity: itís been my first ever inspiration for my collection, since I believe that our naked body is the most wonderful place to live in, the most perfect dress to wear and the best mean of communication we got.
The womanís naked body, in particular, is the most elegant gown that has ever been created.

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I wanted to reinterpret the La Sveste collection inspired by the world of strippers and the 90s.
Recreating an everyday atmosphere in our comfort zone, always taking care of the details.
The combination of the strip and the sensual furniture helps to normalize this concept as well.

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Chiara Ianni

Iím a 21 years old Fashion Styling and Communication student, Iím into visual and performing arts.
Iíve always found interesting the fashion world. With time I found out I want to expand my interests by seeing the fashion industry from another point of view that is the performance.
Iím also into discovering new faces.