Federica Pagani

I’m federica, I’m 22 years old and I live in Milan.
Actually I’m concluding my university path in fashion design at Naba.
I’m an ambitious person, devoted to work, constantly searching for challenging opportunities in the world of fashion design.
I love fashion in all its shades
Communication and creativity, are my strong points


La Notte Parla

My project comes from an idea that has been in my mind for a long time and that finds groundings in the universally hostile concept of darkness but is understood as something positive: “positivity and darkness” seem to be an oxymoron, but indeed it’s in this dark place that I feel myself somehow protected, and where I better imagine and create my collections of woman’s fashion that represent my ideal of the fashion landscape.
Something closely linked to the night, which surrounds me in an intimate and reflective sphere.

Later on, all in a sudden, in full contrast to this context, the light makes its way into an imaginary scene.
For my collection, I decide to choose details created with uncommon and luminous elements, so as to represent the glow and the hope that explodes in a sense of liberation from that adverse and gloomy place that suddenly blurs my mind.

Drag horizontally

When the night falls and the sky becomes black, obscurity envelops our eyes and fills them with darkness. The night represents the most intimate part of the day, heaped with thoughts, promises and prayers. Everyone of us, in that same starry sky, hopes in a better future or even in a simple answer. The representation of the light symbolizes a landmark for anyone that looks at the sky as a way of trying to find themselves.

Giulia Messina

My name is Giulia Messina, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Arona; I’m currently in my third year in NABA, and I study fashion styling and communication.

For Federica’s project I developed mockups inspired by her concept of light in darkness. The colors I choose, black and gold, are inspired by the sky and the stars; for the boxes, in fact, the exterior is black while the interior is fully covered in gold glitter. The bag also follows the concept of light and darkness, with the bag being black and the logo being gold - and this philosophy follows throughout the mockups I designed for her. The logo is simple and elegant, to reflect Federica’s collection.