L' anima e il corpo

My collection speaks of contemporary man, divided into two worlds, present and past. I started from a macro theme "the sound of fashion" and developed it through artists and photographers who talk about the uncanny and grotesque. to expand the topic through the philosophers of the aesthetic and contemporary world, as I said before the man divided into two worlds present 2020 for the problem covid19 and past I chose the 1800 for corsets. assembling present and past together to create a contemporary collection.

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Michael Lamattina

My name is Michael Lamattina, I am 24 years old and I am a NABA fashion design university student in Milan. My passion for fashion was born as a child, my grandmother taught my mom and my mom taught me the world of tailoring. I immediately started on the road in fashion, I started studying fashion in the tailoring sector, after graduation, I chose to continue my path in NABA to grow and deepen what I still don't know. I would like to join a fashion company to continue my path after university always in the world of fashion designer.