Daniela Di Pastena

I'm Daniela Di Pastena, I was born in Pontecorvo. My passion for fashion was born when I was young and I was drawing with my mom. This is why I chose the Fashion Design course as a training course, first in high school and then in Naba Rome. The idea of ​​the collection comes from the union of two different cultures that I studied and lived in during my training. I'm talking about the 1700s in France and Korea. Starting from the macro-theme "Landscape", which I then reinterpreted according to my idea and my point of view, I created sculpted clothes with friezes and symbols that refer to the architecture of the two cultures.


The "KORococò" project was born from the union of two different cultures but which, despite the significant differences, have some points in common.
The first culture considered is Rococò, the use of fabrics and friezes, built with corsets and cages.
The second culture from which I took inspiration is Korea, known only to a few for its history and its creations of prints, designs, and silk fabrics, built on geometric shapes simple.
The meeting point between these two cultures is precisely the use and abundance of gold, and pastel colors combined with the architecture present in the clothes.
From these intuitions, the idea for my collection was born.
The clothes created are based on a mood of pastel colors and adaptable to different occasions, transforming into unique garments that bring us back to Haute Couture.
They represent precisely the meeting between the two cultures where the protagonists can express their personalities.

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Rococo and minimalism. The origins and the stylistic evolution of the designer coexist in this world in which gold enhances the essentiality and creates a balance between worlds apparently at the antipodes.

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