Francesca Vignotto

My name is Francesca Vignotto, I am 24 years old and I live in Ossona in the province of Milan.
My determined, gritty and extrovert character has always characterized me.
Since high school I have embarked on the path of fashion in the technical field and subsequently I decided to follow the path of fashion design, at the NABA academy during I was able to best express my ideas through various fashion projects, experimenting manipulations of fabrics and incorporating them into my illustrations to make my designs even more personal.
The Kontamina collection best represents what I express with the imagination and I manage to make it concrete thanks to the illustrations and finally the packaging of some outfits.



Starting from the planet diresses theme, I created the Kontamina collection, inspired by an imaginary where pollution has affected the human from a genetic and a stylistic point of view.

Precisely for this reason, there is a need for recovery and recycling of materials.
I therefore defined this concept of mutation through textile manipulations, recreating the diseased condition of the skin and the changed clothing that covers it.

This is expressed through irregular volumes and applications of foreign material that give the idea of malformation, while for the textile part I decided to use fabrics that give the idea of recycling.

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Francesca Vignotto's Kontamina collection was born from imagining a world where the harmful effects of the environment affect everything they encounter including humans.
The colors are acidic and the clothes consisting of different manipulations.
The institutional graphics find its identity through the union of the designer's initials and is synthesized in Effevž.
The runway project, the shooting and the fashion movie born from my personal interpretation of the theme in search of a fusion between the environment and living beings, within an urban and modern aesthetic.

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Camilla Rolla

Hi, Iím Camilla rolla.
Iím from Monza, a city near Milan and Iím studying fashion styling and communication here in NABA.
Before it i studied Image consulting and also makeup.
I love art, and of course, the world of fashion. I like to work in team and use my creativity
And I am particularly fascinated by the creation of a narrative during a shoot.