Lucrezia Pini

My name is Lucrezia Pini and I am a fashion designer, based in Milan.
After achieving my diploma in art school I moved to Australia for a year break that lasted for four years. Throughout this period Iíve worked, traveled and studied, achieving a diploma in leadershi[p and management.
Art and creativity have always been really important to me and they brought me to my first experience with fashion. It took place in Byron bay Australia when a friend of mine that had just started to work for Billabong asked me for help.
Since that moment fashion has never left me.
I love the world of textiles and I like to experiment with natural dyes and bioplastics that will be the main subject of my thesis in Naba.
Thanks to my experience Iíve learnt the importance of working in a team and engaging with clients. Iím a strong, active person always ready for personal and working challenges.


The fashion world si facing one of the biggest issues of our time, the environment issues.
This pandemic along with everything else has changed the way we think and behave. With this project, my aim is to create a womenís wear collection using sustainable and recycled materials and ways to dye and print on fabric in a eco-friendly way.
Recycling and upcycling are the fundamental pillars of our time, we live in fragile time and we need to have the ability to reinvent what we had with a open-minded approach.
Startin from lookin at the earth as a great loving woman, who dresses with wonderful mantles created by herself or modified by man.
Today, thanks to the technologies, we can understand its evolution and change. Change is understood as movement, the endless flow of reality, the perennial birth and death of things.
Becoming is according to Heraclitus, the substance of being, since everything is subject to change and transformation. Even what appears static to sensory perception is actually dinamica and ever-changing.

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Fashion is facing one of the biggest issues of our time: the environmental issues. This pandemic has changed the way we think. My aim is to create a women's wear collection using sustainable materials and natural ways to dye fabrics. Recycling and Upcycling are the fundamental pillars of this moment, we live in a fragile time and we need to reinvent what we had. Change is understood as the endless flow of reality. Becoming is, according to Heraclitus, the substance of Being. Everything is subject to time and transformation. Change, switch, evolution, conversion are words that can be enclosed in one: Metamorphosis. The word comes from the Greek meta-morphe which means after-from or "transformation, transforming". Butterflies are the most famous example of the process in which a caterpillar transforms in a work of art. The collectionís idea is to create trendy garments with a twist. A garment that has two faces and therefore is multifunctional.

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Elisabetta Caspani

My name is Elisabetta Caspani and I am currently studying fashion design at NABA in the city of Milan.
I come from a small village near the lake of Varese and since I was a child I love art and fashion. This fact pushed me to pursuit an artistic education so Iíve attended the graphic course of Liceo Artistico Angelo Frattini of Varese.
I think that fashion is a powerful way to express myself and showing it to the world and in the future I would like to work in the fashion industry.