Alessia Vancheri

HI, I’m Alessia Vancheri, I am 23 and I was born in Torino. I had a scientific education in high school but I have always been very sensitive to art and Fashion in particular. I have found over the years that this is the best way for me to express my creativity and communicate it.
Now I’m finishing my studies in Naba.



We are just kids. The digital kids.

Kids wants to tell the current need to communicate their existence by the young people of Gen Z.
Exist in the real world by occupying space and becoming the spokesperson for ideals of collectivity and deindividualization.
They do this by using of their own bodies, becoming "installation bodies" that occupy spaces defined as Non-Places.
These spaces derive from supermodernity, places for everyone, but for no one, passing through places and without any identity.
The installation bodies occupy and inhabit these spaces in an atypical way, molding themselves to them and thus becoming visible.
The body and the space occupied act as a manifesto of diversity and collectivity.

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