Veronica Baldelli

was born in Pesaro on December 20, 2000, I graduated in fashion design at the Mengaroni artistic high school and currently I am about to graduate in fashion design at NABA, Nuova Accademia delle Belle Arti, in Milan, I did an internship at the Je Suis company in Pesaro.


Culture, fashion and everything that represents Japanese aesthetics is attracting more and more interest in the Western world. This union dates back to the Meiji period at the end of the 1800s which represented for Japan an era of strong renewal and approach to different cultures.
In Japan, new technologies were introduced from foreign countries and the influence of oriental customs and traditions was very strong, especially in Europe. In particular, the kimono became a symbol of wealth and at first spread in Italy as a luxurious dressing gown.
My intent is to follow an inverse path, a temporal evolution that goes backwards, rediscovering the shapes and patterns of the fabrics linked to the more traditional costumes, adapting them to the silhouette of generation Z boys, also taking inspiration from the punk ideal of do- it-yourself.
The Japanese tradition has always aroused strong emotions in me because it combines the delicacy of figures such as that of the geisha with her ivory face, the body wrapped in the kimono, the almost slowed movements to the resilience of the Zen monks and their principles of life, “7 times fall, rise 8 times “. And this is my source of inspiration to reconnect the almost Westernized modernity of Japanese children to the typical elegance of their tradition.

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