Maria Isabel Zander Zeidam

I am 22 years old half German half Brazilian born and raised in Berlin. I have worked and studied abroad in Hong Kong and Tokyo and have then decided to pursue my passion for fashion design in Milan. I have a very strong work ethic yet I also am someone who needs to have a lot of fun and balance in life. I find a lot of my inspiration from traveling and meeting new people. In the near future I see myself based in Milan since Italy has won my heart because here I feel I can work hard and enjoy the dolce vita simultaneously. However I am very open to job opportunities all over the world it would be a dream to combine work and travel. I believe I have a strong recognizable personal style and point of view, I am very creative and I hope to get to share this with the world.



This women's wear collection is inspired by Brazilian football. Specifically designed by following the philosophy of “Joga Bonito”. As a half German half Brazilian girl who used to play football for eight years I decided to use this struggle I had to constantly prove myself in a male dominated field as my motivation to design for the sake of empowering women with a fashion collection. Staying very much relevant with the larger goal of exhibiting the collection in Qatar for the Fifa world cup in 2022. Taking inspiration from the classic designs of the Brazilian football kits from then 50-70s and reinterpreting them in a modern fun and ladylike way. Attention to details is key in this collection, including scarves I designed and produced in Italy and embroideries, prints and labels all custom made. Down to the styling and illustrations I have put all my personality into. Very much my style to take simple and wearable garments and use styling methods to make each look singular and recognisable.

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The collection is inspired by the Brazilian football of the 50s-70s, with a particular research for the fashion regarding it.
But in this case the garments are for women, since historically this field was mainly a men’s world.
The collection is fun, young and contemporary, trying to transform the field into a runway.

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Isabel Rizzo

Hi, my name is Isabel, I was born in Pordenone, Italy.
My passion for fashion is something I have since I remembered, because I’ve always been attracted by clothes and fashion magazine to see all the looks from big brands.
But if I think about it I think it was born also thanks to my grandmother who was a seamstress and I’ve spent so many years with her, being on her side looking at what she was sewing and helping her choosing fabrics, buttons,...
I’ve also always wanted to create dresses for my dolls and so I started expressing my style since the beginning.

For this project I was inspired by the concept of football’s team, and I wanted also to transmit and present the collection through an ironical storytelling, since the collection is a mix of football’s and feminine’s clothes.
In fact for the video I wanted at the beginning to seem like a football match, but then revealing all these unconventional clothing for a normal football player.