Camilla Binetti

My approach to Fashion is both creative and conscious, because making something fashionable and for fashion couldn’t be done without a method spreading innovation, imagination and deep individuality.
I will always strive to find ways to enrich my cultural knowledge, which I believe is powerful and necessary in order to be a respectable fashion designer.
Every single idea should to be explored, understood and implemented in full harmony with the creativity of the designer.


According to Carl Gustav Jung, Mother Earth is a supernatural and universal power, both kind and evil. She is instinctive, gloomy, attractive and anguished. My Mother Earth is the glorification of semi nudity, capable of catastrophic events. Eastern culture finds nudity to be a vulgar real-ism, not necessary in order to reveal the spirit. Only in terms of purity can nudity be accepted.
This way the “Bijin-ga” became the protagonists of the Japanese art called Ukiyo-e, which cele-brates them as women of divine beauty. The poses, the seductive and chaste-like attitude, the kimonos and the layers of veils; everything servs as inspiration for the theme of “Japanese apoc-alypse”. Shintoism establishes a very strict bond between humankind and Nature based on re-spect and worship of Kamis. These are entities of unpredictable and dangerous behavior, re-sponsible for natural disasters. The prints of the clothes are directly inspired to these entities, mixing works of art realized all over the centuries.

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The interpretation of the Japanese collection Apocalypse tries to give a face to a new mother nature. Modern, sensual, aggressive. Stereotypes are left aside to give space to a new relationship between woman and nature. Like an explosive, an apocalypse, the mother figure becomes proactive. A strong and bold character allows her to assert herself and say 'I’m there too'. The world that surrounds her, plastic and detached, brings out her sensitivity and inner dualism between extreme sweetness and ferocious aggressiveness.

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Margherita Ceci

I’m Margherita Ceci, born in Reggio Emilia in 1999. Passion and determination are the combination that allows me for years to pursue my dreams with audacity and desire to put myself in the game. Granddaughter of a seamstress, I grew up from an early age in a stimulating, creative environment, which does not impose limits and allows me to express myself in the form that suits me best. Always in competition with myself, I live every opportunity as a challenge to be able to demonstrate my skills, through a strong sense of duty and determination.