Fashion today moves along a strand that sees as a goal the coexistence of man and nature through a process of fusion. The 'music of fashion' therefore runs to meet that of the universe of nature, made of waves and vibrations visible to the human eye through the union of scientific processes to photography. The study of undulating phenomena, which gives life to the cymatics, seen through the mechanical eye of Linden Gledhill allows to transform sound into visual art by combining water, lights and technology. These forms lead back to a geometric symmetry of nature and physics varying through the intensity of vibrations.

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Alexandra Lucutar

A fashion design student at NABA (Milan), born in Romania and raised in Italy.
The passion for fashion comes from the family context and in particular of the maternal figure and then grow on the practical level of tailoring and craftsmanship.
The inspiration for the collection comes from an attempt to observe sound from a scientific and physical point of view. The observation of the climate through Linden Gledhill's photographs with the manipulations made on the iconic garment, inspired the choice of shapes, volumes and embroidery.

L’acqua è in grado di stupirci, spaventarci o alterare le forme, rendendole diverse da quelle che ci appaiono. Ecco perchè ho deciso di utilizzare questo elemento riprendendo il concetto di fondo della collezione; le vibrazioni che la musica produce non sono visibili all’occhio umano ma sono in grado di modificare le forme, alterandole e deformandole così come possono fare dei vasi di vetro pieni d’acqua se messi davanti ad un corpo o un oggetto, riflettendo l’immagine stessa.

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