Li Bingyuan

Bingyuan Li, from China, was born into a military and teacher family, so she has a very good quality under the guidance of his father. Learning Chinese traditional painting since childhood, she has her own style and comprehension under the influence of music and art in childhood, and she can always extract inspiration elements from life. In 2018, she studied Fashion design at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan. At the same time, I learned Chinese tea art outside the school. The national qualifications include senior nutritionist?self-taught fashion illustration, electronic illustration design, watercolor painting. Native Chinese, speak Italian, English, and basic Japanese and French. Personal email 346703548@qq.con.



From 2020 we have to start a new way of life. We have changed our lifestyle habits, we have changed the way we get along with friends and family and we have also changed our outlook on life ... We begin to pay more attention to our health, the importance of quality of life and awareness of environmental protection has gradually increased. But we also always pay attention to keep our distance from others, to be isolated and to clean our environment thoroughly. Everything seems to be clean and tidy. We live carefully. But it is this "orderly" that controls us and our heart is repressed. We hope to be released. Hopefully the day we take off the protective cover, we will be eager to return to the world of passion and freedom. So my key word is INSIDE. Inside is our heart which is a rich inner world. "External" represents protection, being careful, protects us and the environment, also represents helplessness and waiting.

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