Bernadette Gouba

My name is Bernadette, and Iím 24 years old
I was born at Frattamaggiore in the province of Napoli, I lived at Vicenza and since three year Iíve moved at Milano for frequent the academy of my dream: NABA
Since I was child, creativity has always fascinated me:
often instead of following the lessons, I found myself drawing or recreating paper games.

Creativity for me has always been a form of release that has always helped me overcome difficult times.


Appreciate everything around us, making it something better.

Making what belongs to a culture accessible to all without constraints.

Why dwell on labels?

Having African origins (Brukina Faso) and consequently i
relatives present there,
I realized that what we own or that very often is not there
like it and therefore we tend to throw it away, someone else can
consider yourself very useful.

Every few months, my family sends the relatives some parcels with everything they need (clothes, objects, food ...) and it does not necessarily have to be something refined;
Because what they receive they appreciate and make the most
functional as possible.

I would like to create a collection that recalls my origins
BurkinabŤ and that at the same time is connected to the Western culture in which I live.

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Bernadette Gouba's Integre collection was born from the union of two cultures: African Burikna Faso and European and speaks about inclusion.
Institutional graphics find its identity in the designer's first and last name and through a graphic in shades of brown that takes up the colors of his homeland.
The runway project, the shooting and the fashion movie born from my personal interpretation of the theme in search of a union between these distant places: an orange cloth that together with the green vegetation represents the colors of Burkina Faso framed by the overview of Milan.

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Camilla Rolla

Hi, Iím Camilla rolla.
Iím from Monza, a city near Milan and Iím studying fashion styling and communication here in NABA.
Before it i studied Image consulting and also makeup.
I love art, and of course, the world of fashion. I like to work in team and use my creativity
And I am particularly fascinated by the creation of a narrative during a shoot.