Shuo Bai

My name is BAI SHUO. I was born in Harbin, China in 1998. In 2017, I chose to study in Italy. In 2018, I hope to get a high-quality education in fashion design and I think I chose to register with NABA. I love fashion design very much. Because of my interest and love for fashion design, I continue to work hard and I hope to achieve certain results in fashion design.


70% of the land we live on is the ocean and humans only live on the remaining 30% of the area. However, with the continuous development of technology and times, the negative impact of man on the environment and pollution on the environment also increases There is also a contradiction with the satisfaction of human life. not limited to a small area around them, ocean pollution, which accounts for a larger percentage of the earth, attracts more attention. The ocean is like a huge soup pot, humans are constantly adding plastic "toppings" to it, and more specific and larger numbers are constantly being thrown out. The damage of plastic pollution to the marine ecosystem has attracted increasing attention and poses a great threat to marine animals that eat food. The smaller the plastic particles, the greater the damage to marine life. Compared to large pieces of plastic, microplastics are easier to enter the body of marine organisms, and even small plankton organisms cannot escape disaster. Scientists have found that after ocean warming, plastic pollution has become one of the biggest threats to the ocean. The damage of plastic to the ocean cannot be underestimated.

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