Elisabetta Careglio

My name is Elisabetta and I was born in Turin in 2000. I currently attend the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan (NABA) and I chose this university because I have always wanted to undertake an artistic path, particularly in the fashion field. My project includes a collection of Lingerie, which aims to destroy the social taboo of women seen as a sexual objects.



My research starts with the broad topic of nature (in particular the Mantra butterflies) and then moves on to a very important topic which is that of the sexual objectification of women.
The butterfly is the animal that most represents and describes us.It can be elegant, fickle, and delicate, while at the same time strong and ready to fly against the wind: the man who has always felt superior, trapping and judging her by forcing her to remain submissive and imprisoned with no way out. The metamorphosis (or the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly) is for me comparable to an inner journey that starts with the contact between the animal and the city, then moves on to the body in relation to nature, and finally to the union of the body with the body (Inner Journey). The woman discovers and frees the butterfly that is enclosed in her. My goal is to try to dismantle this social taboo through a collection of underwear by pursuing the concept that a woman should not wear lingerie to please the other sex, but primarily herself.

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By investigating and studying Elisabetta's brand, I came to the creation of an image that reflected the true nature of her underwear and the collection. Awake speaks of a free, light woman with a carefree sweetness. My feminine image is not intended to please, but has the audacity and courage to wear underwear for itself and not to seduce.

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Alessandra Rivolta

Born in Borgomanero in 1998. Alessandra attends the Naba Academy of Fine Arts, with a focus on fashion styling. Her experience in the fields of graphics and photography led her to deal with food and jewelry-themed Still Life. His passions are art, photography, cinema and traveling. One day she dreams of dedicating herself to photography in the field of cinema, traveling and discovering the world.