Incvte was born from a perception. This perception portrays stimuli that affect our environment. It allows us to reflect on how these stimuli can reach us using media.

From here we can further explore one of the first sociological theories that tried to explain the effect of mass media on individuals.
The “Hypodermic Needle Theory” believes that every individual is attached to the message sent by social media, creating a direct relationship between stimulus and answer. The result is the description of a mass composed of isolated and passive individuals that are hit by messages.

In combination with this theory, especially by focusing on the condition of the individual that cannot escape the shots of media, appears the figure of Saint Sebastian: a Christian martyr whose iconography whit queer elements inspired the menswear collection.

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Gianfranco Marraudino

I’m Gianfranco Marraudino, I’m 22 years old and I was born in Matera, in Italy. Now I’m graduating in Naba, Milan.
I believe that fashion is the most immediate reflection of society. Also, since I can experiment with silhouettes and fabrics, I can convey my vision of my style.
My previous humanistic studies refined my sensibility through social dynamics, in fact, I found out that fashion is the most powerful way to express such dynamics with a creative process.

The project consists of creating a Brand Identity for the designer Gianfranco Marraudino's collection inspired by the Bullet Theory, also called Hypodermic Needle Theory which considers the mass media as powerful persuasive tools that act directly on a passive and inert mass. In association with this theory and, in particular with the condition of the individual unable to dodge the blows of the mass media, the figure of San Sebastiano appears: a Roman martyr sentenced to death for having supported the Christian faith and pierced by numerous arrows. The creation of the Brand Identity includes all the aspects and graphic / communicative elements from the event, fashion show to social channels up to the creation of customized products that determine the perception and reputation of the designer by his audience.

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Letizia Mazza

Hi my name is Letizia Mazza, I was born in Mede now I’m studying Fashion styling and communication in Naba. My passion for fashion comes from leafing through the fashion magazines that my mom bought for her hair salon, for the passion for drawing and for my curiosity. For the last two works I developed a brand image. For the first designer I was inspired by the works of Verner Panton, his works are the true mood of the 70's. For the second designer, I was inspired by the world of digital art and by artists such as Jon Emmony,Frederik Heyman.