Incvte was born from a perception. This perception portrays stimuli that affect our environment. It allows us to reflect on how these stimuli can reach us using media.

From here we can further explore one of the first sociological theories that tried to explain the effect of mass media on individuals.
The “Hypodermic Needle Theory” believes that every individual is attached to the message sent by social media, creating a direct relationship between stimulus and answer. The result is the description of a mass composed of isolated and passive individuals that are hit by messages.

In combination with this theory, especially by focusing on the condition of the individual that cannot escape the shots of media, appears the figure of Saint Sebastian: a Christian martyr whose iconography whit queer elements inspired the menswear collection.

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Gianfranco Marraudino

I’m Gianfranco Marraudino, I’m 22 years old and I was born in Matera, in Italy. Now I’m graduating in Naba, Milan.
I believe that fashion is the most immediate reflection of society. Also, since I can experiment with silhouettes and fabrics, I can convey my vision of my style.
My previous humanistic studies refined my sensibility through social dynamics, in fact, I found out that fashion is the most powerful way to express such dynamics with a creative process.

The INCVTE project is meant to be the visual response to a collection that challenges the boundaries between masculine and feminine, playing with colors that has no more links with genres and synthetic fabrics manipulated in order to catch every single ray of light.
Various levels of interpretation are displayed in this video/shooting, above all the possible meanings of the title of the collection for example, we find the Latin word used to define the feelings of fear instilled to/by others.
Reflecting on an unclear perception, it appears to be disturbing because of the lack of effective boundaries between real facts and mere emotions, it has a sense of danger given more by the atmosphere than a real threat. I wanted to create a visual experience which could provoke the same emotion in the audience: a sense of confusion that develops into a state of trance, given by the acceptation of the unknown.
To achieve this reaction, the video took place in a studio transformed in a gloomy landscape thanks to a backdrop and the placement of fifty kilograms of soil on the floor. The set-up isn’t always recognizable, so close-ups are the perfect way to elude a comprehensive view and let the viewer believe in the realness of this recreated scenery.
Therefore this little area, smaller than a square meter, became the dark scenario in which a man get lost in his fantasies. The dancer, waken up by an imaginary thunder, seems to be incapable to distinguish the authentic by the fictional, the inside by the outside, in a combination of daze and relative peace until the tempest comes. Then, the climax, the lightening, the struggling of the protagonist, so deeply involved in the narratives who ends up identifying himself as the wind and the rain, unaware that he’s the only one who’s feeling the storm approaching.
The structure of the story is build on the gradual acceleration of scenes in which the lights have a prevalent role, as a matter of fact they are deliberately cold and intense to stress the feeling of an unnatural landscape, to give an hint to the audience that something isn’t as it seems. Due to the materials used in the tailoring, such as lurex, chenille, coated fabric, the clothes are particularly emphasized by this kind of illumination, and becomes the undisputed center of attention during the video.
Make-up and accessories follow this direction, giving additional focuses on certain parts of the body in the middle of action.
In conclusion this evocative scenario ambitiously aims to arouse hidden and ancestral memories related to basic feelings, such as fear of the elements and spirituality mild by a neat aesthetic.

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Chiara Meloni

Hi, I’m Chiara Meloni, I come from a little country in the middle of Italy, San Marino, even though I actually live in Milan.
Moving was a key moment in my life. When I was little I looked at the fashion world as an idealistic place to create something new and spectacular. For years I didn’t think about it as a realistic career path for me, then I realized that there was nothing that fascinated me more. It was my constant thought and I decided to take this challenge and start my NABA course in Fashion Styling and Communication, in Milan.
The years spent studying these subjects taught me that the creation of something really new, takes a lot of work and request certain knowledge of the past, as well as the contemporary events.
When I began to work on this project I saw a big potential in the designer, Gianfranco Marraudino, and I understood that my love for storytelling would have been useful.
Among the years, I learned that a performance capable of provoke a reaction in the audience, was easily remembered. Working on this project I decided to explore this path, trying to give a powerful visual identity to the INCVTE collection.
The concept behind the design tells about a strong connection between sensation and impulses, translated into texture and strong colours.
For this reason both the video/shooting and the fashion show are based on the use of contrasts as dark and light, movement and still, silence and sound.
In the process of development of the brand image, the close relationship with the designer was fundamental to take the right direction. I followed the creation of the collection since the beginning and this made me really aware of its deep meanings and iconographic references.
I truly can say that this project gave me the possibilities to combine two of my great inspirations: colours and performances, in a way that I couldn’t image until a few months ago.