Joyce Micah Evilla

My name is Joycemicah Evilla and I’m 23 years old.
I’m originally from the Philippines but raised and born in Milan, Italy.

My passion for fashion started when I visited South Korea back in 2017.
It was so memorable that I got inspired by the people and the places I’ve visited. Then I started to see the world in a whole different perspective.

My roots and story are my biggest inspiration for my collections, and I’ve always taught myself to leave a deep and strong meaning to everything I create.


The word “Home” is the definition of residence, but in this collection, it can be so many other things such as an emotion,
a movement, a moment, a person. And we own this so called home.
During this pandemic we’ve struggled a lot thinking about this word because staying at home became so common that we felt safe.

We could see the world just through our windows, which are the spaces between what we see and what we want to see.
Through this window I imagined the nature, the animals, the people walking by. I imagined normal actions and movements and made it more emotional

The color palette is inspired by the works of two artists: Ricardo Bofill and Edward Hopper whom use the window as an instrument to admire what’s on the other side of it. The garments are a mix of outerwear and comfy ones to combine the two worlds in between.

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The Allive brand represents the surname "Evilla" read backwards, a name that reading it in English, once removed an "L" means "alive".
He was inspired by the designer's Philippine origins, by her passions, nature, the sea, a place very close to her along with her shades of blue, skin color, bright red, her favorite color and gray, a apparently dull color but once combined with other shades, it comes to life together with all the others.
The first collection is called “Inbetween” and focuses on the theme of the house and the window.
For the shooting that was made, I was inspired by the references of the designer of artists such as Edward Hopper, Ricardo Bofill and Nobuhiro Nakanishi where their characteristics were captured in details such as the location, make-up and casting.
The situation will be reversed because we are used to looking from the inside out and in this case, the setting of the shooting is an outdoor place where the models practice domestic behaviors as if they were inside a house, that is, like we are in the moment in which we observe a situation.

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Seyla Grassi

My name is Seyla Grassi, I'm twenty-one and I live in the province of Bergamo, Italy.
Since I was a child I have always been passionate about fashion and art and for this reason I chose to study at the art school and continue my path at Naba, Milan following the Fashion Styling and Communication course.
The aspect I like most about fashion is that it is multicultural, without gender differences and inclusive of issues that are very important to me but above all to the society in which we live.