Il linguaggio del corpo

With my project on the theme of "The sound of fashion" I created a spring summer collection inspired by the movement of sound waves through the body of the woman.
We notice how the dress is the body language, the body is its new centrality to which we must turn our gaze.
The body that is the place of the experience of subjectivity, pleasure and life, becomes an instrument of seduction and communication. Through the body I gave life to the dress. The dress that outlines its forms.
The silhouette has lines that follow the movement of the female body, a game of transparencies, Softness and wide lines with greater emphasis on the body thanks to the reverse seams in evidence so with this collection I wanted to convey to those who look at it a strong charge of sensuality and provocation.

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Mayra Salierno

Born and raised in Bitonto in the province of Bari.
Since I was a child I have always nurtured a passion for drawing and sewing, I would call it a dowry that my mother has handed me since childhood. I grew up between fabrics and sewing machines and then started using them right away.
My strong passion for this world, led me to work hard and then move away from my land and pursue a long path that will lead me to hope to achieve. Achieve what I have always dreamed of by making my passion my work.