Il Disordine delle Cose

Porterò questo con me:
la soffitta dei passi nascosti,
le case di legno costruite sull’erba,
il disordine delle cose.
Manuela Ruotolo, Luglio 2015

I'll keep this with me:
the roof of hidden steps,
the wooden houses built on grass,
the mess of things.
Manuela Ruotolo, July 2015

I see the mess, it seems to live around me. Sometimes I feel it, it's even bigger, I could dive into it and be a part of it. But I realize that I'm the mess. I take it to the corners of the world and on the way home.

I start with the empty spaces. I start to draw the voice: mine, theirs. I open the doors to melancholy, I see a paper on a street corner. I feel the hand starting to speak, the fingers listening. I feel the surroundings and I write it down: there are verses, disconnected words. Poetry is an eternal presence, an exaltation of nothing or everything, a word that goes from mouth to mouth, hand to hand. Poetry is always, it is everywhere, it is how and why.

This collection is the translation of a way of feeling things, seeing and living them intensely. The inspiration comes from my poems, in particular from the verse of one of them: "the mess of things", a phrase that contains all the strength of an inner dimension that feels the need to externalize and become part of the surrounding disorder. Starting, therefore, from poetry, as the need to tell and tell oneself, one arrives at art through works that have made the word the content and the purpose. All this becomes concrete through the works of artists such as Carolee Schnemann, Manto Péres-Boza, Jesùs Leguizamo, Harry Paul Ally, and even Ketty la Rocca and Vincenzo Agnetti. The artists mentioned are inspiration and starting points, tools to make my mess of things real. The colours I have chosen for my collection, starting from the artists' works, are evocative. They are colours that taste of confusion, of inner torment, of disorder that can be seen all around. I see all the voices, the smells, the value of the loss glimpsed in the drops of colour left to their fate. Fundamental elements for the realization of my project are the manipulation of the fabric and the handmade dyeing. In fact, it's the fabric that dress the clothes. The fabrics used as paper to write make the dress a visual poetry.

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Manuela Ruotolo

I'm Manuela Ruotolo, I'm 21 years old, I’m studying Fashion Design at NABA in Milan and I'm about to graduate. I have been living in Milan for three years, but I was born in a small village in southern Italy. Before embarking on this creative journey, I studied classical and literary subjects. During my high school years, in fact, although I had a great passion for literature and writing, I felt a strong need to express myself creatively. I really approached fashion in those years, starting to become increasingly interested, doing research and studying its history and evolution, but above all starting to experiment in a completely autonomous way. I like new things and I love working with bold ideas. I'm used to conceiving original concepts that stimulate reflection. I am very passionate about the design of clothing and accessory collections in all its phases, from inspirational research to the research of fabrics and materials, but above all I love the study of shapes and what makes an idea real.