I Persist in the waves of sound

In an old myth, ‘Echo and Narcissus,’ Echo represents a sad failure of love. She seems forceless, but I found strength in her. Even though her body is gone, her voice remains and lasts forever.
Echo is a nymph. Nymph is a being between women and goddesses. Goddess symbolizes the innate strength and talent of women. I interpreted Nymph as a state in which women are aware of their characteristics. Clothing allows people to be what they want to be. I want to show women are not only soft but have their strength and hope my outfits give that power of the goddess to human women.
Therefore, in my project, all garments have contrast features; structured shape and soft details. The snake motifs came from my idea that snakes are similar to women since they are considered as both good and evil. Decalcomania art, wavy pleats, and circular folding fabric manipulations are expressions of reflection of both water and sound waves.

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Kyungjin Lee

I am a fashion design student from South Korea. I have studied fashion design at Hansung University in Seoul and NABA in Milan. In Korea, I worked as an intern in Anne Klein for a month in 2017, drawing flats, making patterns with photoshop, and organising samples. I studied and worked in a design lab named Hyun design lab from 2013 to 2016, designing and producing samples for launching a new brand. In Milan, I assisted the Francesca Liberatore show in 2019, February.
I am interested in human rights, feminism, sustainability, animals, and creating something new.

Nymph is a being between goddess and human woman.
I interpret this definition of nymph as empowering women.

Echo seems forceless in the myth but I saw her endurance.
Even though her body is gone, her voice is remain and sustain forever.

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