Masha di Sabatino

During my life I always feel this tiny sensation in the world, such like a grain of sand. With this collection I have the opportunity to make real my sensations about myself and the general state of the Earth. With my vision people looking at my creation can both admire the beauty of it and have the opportunity to reflect about what we are doing to the Earth and why.


This collection show how nature can manifest itself to the human being through the garment, in all its brutality. The dress represent a very clean and minimal shape that leaves its natural function of covering up the body, and becomes a portal, a vehicle to come very near to the human.
The presence of the nature is at the same time overwhelming and beautiful with his strenght, nature makes the human being understand where he belongs, and that he must stop taking in possession what doesn’t belong to him, showing him on his very skin that he is destroying it.
For this reason the most used fabric is the white fake leather for allude at its hybrid form, and white for both her purity, perfection and death, like the belached corals, always caused by human.
The presence of the nature develops through the metamorphosis of the dress with the manipulation and hybrid prints to represent the nature within all its form and shapes.

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Hybrid contact


This collection is a clear example of how nature has the possibility of manifesting itself, in all its brutality, to the human being, through clothing.
The latter, with a very clean and minimal line, no longer has the function of covering the body but becomes a portal, a means to get as close as possible to man.
The presence of nature is at the same time oppressive and beautiful, which with its power makes man understand that he must stay in his place, that he must stop being master of what does not belong to him and showing him on his own skin that he is destroying the nature.
For this reason, the fabric mainly used is the white faux leather, alluding to its hybrid and white state for its purity and perfection and it is also a reference to his death, such as the whitening of corals, always caused by man.
The presence of nature develops through the metamorphosis of the garment or even through manipulations and hybrid prints aimed at representing nature in all its states or from the animal to the vegetable world, from the sea depths to the tops of the woods.

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Sabrina Franco

I am Sabrina Franco.
I was born in Rome and I am studying Fashion Styling and Communication at NABA. My passion for fashion was born when I was a child. I am intrigued by news and I like to follow everything that fashion does.
II really like to tell and give my vision of things and for me, the best way is through clothes.
For this project,
I was fascinated by the designer’s outfits and I wanted to ricreate a story around them, using the models as if they were statues.