Francesco Di Tommaso

My name is Francesco and I come from a small town in Molise overlooking the sea.
Tired of the usual monotony I ran away to Milan where I now find myself attending the third year of fashion design in NABA.
I’m a dynamic and enterprising person, certainly creative and curious, with a spicy irony and a charismatic personality.
My main passions are art, music and certainly fashion, born as a need to express my emotions and my personality.
Around the city you can find me having a drink in Porta Venezia or in some clubs of the Milanese nightlife.


Remembering the 2000s responds to the need to find something reassuring, recognizable and less oppressive than the gloomy post-pandemic reality.

A system of values and cultural references anachronistic, distant, but at the same time strangely familiar, that triggers the feeling of nostalgia in a world in which no one can more afford that shameless superficiality that became pop culture
20 years have passed since 2000 ,enough for there to be the right distance to historicize a deeply contradictory period, enough time for a certain type of aesthetic to be sufficiently dated to become a trend but also enough to realize the frightening speed we’re experiencing.
In recent years fashion has been minimal, conceptual, and I felt the need for something that was a "statement", and what better than those years that I can reinterpret in a current key, the desire to return to a more fun fashion ,less serious but no less intelligent.
I want to bring this light-heartedness of the 2000s into my collection

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In a generation that grew up with the belief that everyone could become an astronaut or footballer, that America was Dawson's Creek, Friends and The O.C., and the Disney Channel logo, the frivolous arguments of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the politically incorrect jokes of Paris Hilton, the poses of Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls.

An anachronistic, distant, but at the same time strangely familiar system of values and cultural references, which triggers the feeling of nostalgia in a world in which no one can afford that brazen superficiality that became pop culture.
Their emotional strength seems to have been closed in a jar, shaken well before being poured like sugars on the pop culture of today.

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Giusi Diella

My name is Giusi Diella and I am a final year Styling & Communication student at NABA.
I am strongly attracted to art in all its facets but my attention is mainly focused on fashion and dance because through them, even if in a totally different way, you are able to express your mood and emotions.
During these three years of study I had the opportunity to interface with various professionals thanks to whom I improved my skills not only from a professional point of view but also from a character point of view.
The goal of this project is to show my skills in the world of art direction and styling, two worlds that I would like to combine to start my professional career.