Valentina Adenè

I’m Valentina Adenè, I’m an Italian designer and artist.
I’m a creative thinker and I love losing myself in extravagant ideas. I enjoy to go out of my comfort zone in order to reach unexplored fields of my mind. My creativity is begging to be shared and the best option I have is to spread it and make it flow in specific directions giving life to ideas and projects. Building the future me is a never stopping and very stimulating process that takes place in my everyday life in all its aspects.




This is the collection’s motto but also its main inspiration.
The real essence of life has been forgotten.
We are animals and we need to stay in touch with nature, spiritually and physically.
This collection is a free call to reconnect with our origins, to get back to the easy life and enjoy the free time and the laziness as a dog under a tree on a spring day.


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HANG OUT is a collection that is inspired by a sense of collective, of togetherness. The saturated palette is reminiscent of a close yet far surreal, almost utopian reality that brings people closer, in sharing and in living. In experiencing the outdoors - hence the practicality of each and every single piece and garment that have been designed, and the meticulous research of technical materials, fabrics, finishings and details. Therefore the interpretation of the collection, from the viewpoint of Styling and Art Direction, aims to embrace the pure intention behind it, matching its energy. HANG OUT is where practicality meets unity, it is a visual and sensorial experience that ties in an actual need and a desire to go back to the origins, to get back to easy life and to enjoy the free time, the breeze of a spring day.

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Intissar Bouhi

Born and raised in Torino, I found my vision, calling and self-identity in the U.S. while pursuing Visual Arts at UCLA. Being able to experiment with paint, clay and all kinds of materials, was a medium that reminded me of how I used to manipulate clothes and fabric scraps on little dolls when I was just a child. Which is what pushed me to move back to Italy and pursue Styling & Communication, a field in which both of my worlds -the Italian and American one- continuously intertwine and reflect each other. Apart from working freelance as Consultant and Project Manager for brands and individual clients, I have been able to experience many facades of the fashion industry with projects ranging from editorials with Féroce Magazine to fashion videos with L’Officiel Italia, and backstage for Sunnei and Vìen Atelier, to name a few.

@itsintib - @intissarvittoriabouhi