Liu Xiaoyu

Hi, I'm Xiaoyu Liu, I come from Zhejiang, China.
I have 22 years. My design style is free and bold, maybe my appearance is more restrictive, but the feeling I want to show is Self-releasing.
My favorite is jewelry design, fashion photography, and Fashion illustrations. I will combine my own ideas and stories with fashion, and the final result is an artistic work with a personal touch.


The designer was inspired by hallucinations after eating poisonous mushrooms from Amsterdam——the journey of illusion began, colors became bright and intense ,buildings started to twist, everything seems incredible and dreamlike. So I want to create an dreamy bizarre atmosphere to express the feeling?I want to lead people who see the photos into a special world.

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Hanqi Zhao

I was born in China , when I was a little girl ,my greatest interest is staying at my mother’s wedding shop, I like to watch those stylists to match dresses and do the styling , It’s so magical to make a person prettier. I think that is where my passion for fashion comes from. I always think designer is the artist , but the stylist is more like a dreamer, we help designer to express their designs and to create a different world, we turn dreams into reality. Although the stylist is more like a helper role, but I really enjoy the process