Runze Li

My name is Runze Li and I am a fashion designer from China. I chose to start my studies in Rome, where Naba is located, when I was 18 years old, probably because my previous studies in drawing and watercolour inspired me to look at beauty and art.

I chose to start my quest for beauty by studying fashion design, and during my studies at university I experimented with various styles and themes in order to pursue what I liked best and what I was best at.

What I have learnt during this time is that clothing is not just an object to cover the body, but also the heart and soul of the person making it, from inspiration to design sketches to production, it is a very rewarding process.


My theme is guscio, and by 'shell' I mean the outer shell of crustaceans and reptiles, which is their protection when they have to face the dangers of the outside world. I chose this theme when I realised that we as humans can sometimes be vulnerable and sensitive, and I don't necessarily mean external, but also internal vulnerability, and that we need a 'shell' to protect ourselves.

In the design I have added elements of animal scheletro (sternum, skull, vertebrae), which replace the idea of the 'shell' that I wanted to express. I am not really using the shells of animals and insects to design clothes, but rather using the scheletro as a metaphor for the fact that these animal elements can actually provide us with energy when we are vulnerable, and that it is not just a bone element in the design, but is in a sense given the word 'bravery' by humans, a It is the archetype of the human spirit and the shelter (protective shell).

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The GUSCIO collection by Runze Li is inspired by the external part of some crustaceans and reptiles that protects them from the outside.
The purpose of the collection is to tell how human beings are internally, but also externally fragile and need to be protected.
For the Limitless brand was created a logo that consist of a word and a symbol that looks like a Chinese lantern. These graphics have been inserted into the other institutional elements such as labels and packaging, using three main colours that recall those of the collection: white, black and red.
The concept of the shooting aims to represent the element of the shell in a double meaning: protection and trap. The clothes, inside a labyrinth, protect the body that is at the same time trapped in a space, in search of an escape route.

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Irene Loreti

I’m a stylist and art director freelance based in Rome, with an interest for visual merchandising and visual identity for fashion brands.
After high school, I decided not to continue my languages studies but to follow the most creative part of me, that has always been there but that I have never deepened. At first I learned the basics of fashion design and then I decided to follow the path of fashion styling and communication.
I am very determined in getting my job done, always with the desire to learn new things.