For the realization of her women's collection, Elena wanted to create the perfect balance that can be had between man, nature and design, starting from the concept of organic architecture.
The latter blends the fluid and harmonious elements of nature with the rigid and square shapes of modern architecture.
In addition, in his project, garments with straight and defined lines are associated, which bring back the aesthetic and stylistic details of military uniforms, invaded by visible contrasting seams, embossed textile workings and soft knit stitches, which instead reflect the shapes and volumes of the camouflage covers. used by the military to become one with the surrounding environment.
The purpose of the collection is therefore to pay homage to these two macro themes, which are exalted and transmitted in a fair way thanks to the contrast of shapes, colors and volumes.

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Giusi Diella

My name is Giusi Diella and I am a final year Styling & Communication student at NABA.
I am strongly attracted to art in all its facets but my attention is mainly focused on fashion and dance because through them, even if in a totally different way, you are able to express your mood and emotions.
During these three years of study I had the opportunity to interface with various professionals thanks to whom I improved my skills not only from a professional point of view but also from a character point of view.
The goal of this project is to show my skills in the world of art direction and styling, two worlds that I would like to combine to start my professional career.