Micol Caroselli

Fashion has always been a point of reference for me and a way to show who I really was. Despite having undertaken different studies, over the years I realized that my future should be based on what really represents me: fashion.
I am grateful to my family for allowing me to study fashion design at university, where I realized how much work is behind the world of fashion.


The Golia collection, from the Greek "revolution", is based on the reinterpretation of some male garments adapted to a female body.
The collection is characterized by the figure of a sensual woman whose profile is highlighted by simple lines, derived from the male world.
Soft but at the same time elaborate shapes, filled by only two colors: white and black.
A repeated dualism made of contrasts with the ultimate goal of creating a neutral space.
Stylistic minimalism is a mix of outfits designed to convey a sensual "basic style".
Less is more.
Far from the superfluous and the excess, only the essential component remains, that is the soul of the collection.

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The concept of minimalism is the focus of the construction of the garments of the Golia collection.
Geometric cuts, clean lines and a great sense of belonging to the space, in which shapes and colors are the protagonists.
Less is more is that label that is attributed to enhance the philosophy of the reduction of absence that is based on the concentration of the essential through the removal of the superfluous, but that is at the same time charged with the search for absolute enjoyment.

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Claudia Capone & Cecilia Maria Rosaria Corso

My name is Claudia Capone and I am a fashion styling student at NABA. I live in Rome, my home town. The formation of an Italian academy allowed me to obtain a cultural database and to find my place in art, focused on visual design.
Made-in-Italy’s background has contributed to create one of my creative skills, storytelling. Each my artwork is inspired by different artistry, interpretations and personal backdrops.

My name is Cecilia Maria Rosaria Corso, and I am studying Fashion Styling and Communication at Naba (Rome). After attending law school for a few years, I decided to change course and move to a sector that would allow me to express my creativity one hundred percent. Working on different projects as Stylist and Art director, and always confronting myself with all the members of the teams I worked with, I was able to better direct my artistic vision, learning to use different methods of communication. &