Nicola Jannace

Hi, I'm Nicola Jannace, I'm from Milan and I'm a Fashion Design student at NABA. From an early age I was fascinated by art and creativity, I started with a drawing course which then led me to illustrations and fashion sketches. Later the planning allowed me to combine all the creative impulse that I absorbed from other arts such as music, cinema, paintings, and not only but also in games such as cards, football and board games. In the collections I transfer my inspirations passing through my personal aesthetics that has always had the mystical and the surreal as key impulse.



The Gimmick collection takes hyperreality and the infosphere in which we are perennially incorporated as its reference environment. In particular, entertainment, which has the function of entertaining and gratifying the viewer, to induce him to consume goods. The simulation aspect is central and finds its favorite form in the show. As in Wrestling, where the matches are pre-determined, they become an athletic theatrical performance, in which the goal is entertainment through twists, moves and exuberant costumes. No longer being influenced by simulation, but influencing it, modifying and understanding one's world, piercing the hyperreal to create a new world: through the use of the surreal. All this in practice translates into the creation of clothes that modify the surrounding reality. Through perceptual and conceptual paradoxes. The men's collection develops through the creation of a whole wrestling team, which fight to pierce the hyperreal starting from it.

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