Every moment of our day we try to be part of a group of people defined as "normal", we follow the masses, we wear the same clothes and all this happens because we want to feel conformed to society or we try to please others, not for how we really are but for how others really want us.
Often we have the habit of creating a sort of shell, so as to be safe, but sooner or later this protection will have to be removed, it would be enough to show only ourselves our value.
We have to start dressing for ourselves and not for others, to feel free. The project focuses on the freedom of self-expression; the garments in the collection will feature embroidery, textile manipulation and knitwear. The outfits in the collection are voluminous and the colour palette will be very vibrant.

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Alessia Romeo

The world of fashion has interested me since I was a child, I liked to design and create clothes, this passion was passed on to me by my grandmother who embroiders and knits.
I think fashion is a way to express my creativity, to bring out my thoughts and interests.


Get Out is a cry for deliverance.
Look at yourself, observe, scan, analyse, explore, discover yourself, go beyond what you see, look inside yourself, don't be afraid of what you will find out, be aware of yourself, of who you are, of how you appear to others and to your eyes. Love every detail of yourself, enhance it, show off, bee proud. Wear what makes you feel good, dress your curves, emphasise or hide them, play with your body, wear what you have always been afraid to wear, dress your emotions.
Get Out is a manifesto that invites the individuals not to be scared of their Being, it is an invitation to get rid of their mask and to get out from the oppressive shell that every person builds to reach the freedom of being itself

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Alice Taverna

Hi, I am Alice Taverna, I am 22 years old and I was born in a little city in the south of Italy. Three years ago I moved to Milan to study fashion styling and communication at Naba. Since I was a kid I have always felt the need to express my personality and my identity through my way of dressing and my appearance. I think that clothes are a tool with a strong communicative power and that individuals can express themselves through their style, for this reason I have always wanted to be a stylist. I am a very curious person and detail-oriented and I often observe what is around me letting it inspire me for new ideas.