Future Nostalgia

Future Nostalgia is the result of a long creative process that led me to the creation of a women's collection.The deliberately oversized garments take inspiration from the subculture linked to jazz music: the Zooters. Subversive and extremely creative, they dare with their looks, breaking the rules imposed by the fashion canons.They extend their trousers by five cuts and pad their jackets with big straps.The prints are inspired by the Cosmos, perfect in its movements and cycles, but chaotic in its colors and shapes and Dance, which has always been a tool to escape the schemes.A NASA's recent discovery that the Universe, which we apparently thought was silent, produces sounds. With these sounds I discovered that also the Cosmos can be chaotic. From the binomial order and chaos I went to deepen the zoot subculture, discovering that they were object of disorder too.The zooters were the first to approach fashion and music thanks to their outfits and their passion for jazz.

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Camilla di Santo

Class of '98, after completing my classical studies in Pescara, I moved to Milan from Abruzzo. I currently attend the NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, which stimulates me every day to follow my passion for theatre, cinema and stage costumes. The last three years have been of growth and experimentation both in the design and work field. Thanks to them today I feel more ready and prepared to face the various difficulties that I will encounter in my path.

The project consists of elaborating the coordinated image of the designer Camilla Di Santo and her brand.
The work starts from an inspirational moodboard.
The key words of her brand are: determined, bold, eclectic, confident.
The material produced reflects the DNA of this brand.
The same work process was used for her collection Future Nostalgia.
The collection is inspired by the universe and jazz. The universe is anything but a silent space, however it emits sounds. The cosmos is a harmonious set of elements comparable to a musical scheme.
How can such a perfect system generate such confusing and strange sounds?
Music is also a mix of order and chaos, especially if related to minorities such as the subcultures of the Zooties, Zazous and Pachous. Those who belonged to these groups decided to oppose the “harmonious” totalitarianism and prohibitionist regimes of those years, acting “chaotically” to the abuses of law enforcement.
To show her clothes I made a shooting and regards the video part I created gifs. They are useful for promoting the project on social media in an alternative way.
The shooting was made remotely.
The idea is to represent both the movement of the universe and that of the jazz through distortions.
The photographs were in fact taken with the wide angle. These distortions also go to emphasize and enhance the shapes and volumes of the clothes.
In addition to the photos, I created gifs that go back to the theme of the universe and the movement of jazz.

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Sara D'ozio

Hi! I’m Sara and I’m 22 years old.
I live in Merate, a city not far from Milan.
Since I was a child I have always been passionate about fashion. I liked to observe the world and the people around me. I spent hours reading and watching magazines.
Today this passion and interest are still strongly present in me. That's the main reason why I want to work in this world.