Erika Dentello

I am erika, I come from Como, I have always had a passion for fashion, fabrics and design.
They grew up in a creative environment and this made me want to keep creating something personal. I work in the field of interior design, so I would like to combine all my passions by designing fabrics and collaborating with fashion brands. Making my collection gave me adrenaline and a huge satisfaction that I would like to repeat over time.


For my collection I started from the concept of perfect and imperfect. This led me to analyze Japanese culture, its aesthetics. Japanese ceramics, the ďKintsugiĒ, which aims to show us the defects, the breakage which can be both a negative and a positive factor. The break does not present the end but the opportunity for rebirth. Each piece becomes unique and unrepeatable due to chance. The scars and cracks we see show us the vulnerability but at the same time the beauty to be proudly displayed, the strength to recognize the beauty that resides in imperfection.
In my collection we can talk about "reuse", an extension of the life cycle of fabrics and a new way of use. I used furnishing fabrics, scraps, samples, to create many details and garments from my collection to make it unique and special. My decision starts above all from the idea of ??recovery to promote the path of sustainability.

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Nature itself is imperfect, characterized by flaw, decay and disorder. Every aspect of it has imperfections as nothing can boast of being perfect in every aspect.?In the human psyche, imperfection and flaw have a negative connotation and every effort is made to correct imperfections.?However, it is precisely from imperfections that Nature finds ways to shine and reborn. In this sense, this concept is expressed by the Wabi-sabi; it corresponds to a vision based on the acceptance of the transience and imperfection of things. It is the desire to find beauty in everything, even in what appears insignificant or imperfect to us.

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Francesca Ponti

Iím Francesca Ponti, iím twenty-three, currently i am studying Fashion Styling and Communication.??I already knew from an early age,† that my future was in the world of fashion. I enjoyed designing clothes and making clothes with towels. I didn't want to be a stylist, I imagined myself behind the desk of a fashion magazine, writing articles after articles; thinking that that was the right way.??Growing up, thanks also to the studies undertaken, I realized that the world I had chosen was the right one but I no longer saw myself behind the desk of a magazine but behind the scenes: coordinating a photo shoot or a fashion show; make decisions that can completely change an idea and make it a reality. This is why I chose to study Styling and communication