Nicola Pinna

Nicola was born in a small town, divided between Padua’s and Venice’s aestethic, in 1999. Following his passion for art, he enrolled and subsequently graduated in Visual and Pictorial Arts at the Amedeo Modigliani’s art Lyceum in Padua, developing a good skill in illustration with material experimentation through the medium of painting. He is currently attending the last year of the fashion design course at the NABA Academy of Fine arts in Milan.
The personal study of the body reinterpreted in an authoritative fetishization key, in particular how it relates within a natural or artificial space and how it is exploited on an artistic level, becomes the fundamental basis of an aesthetic that turns into a organized design process.
Right now, the main artists who are inspiring them are Michaela Stark, Namio Harukawa, Allen Jones, Hajime Kinoko and many more


"Foundation" is conceived as an excursus that starts from the concept of "Fashion Landscape", which placing the body as the fundamental basis of the project, it is expressed through the contextualization and following relationship, which is established between the traditional urban neighborhood and the neighborhoods red lights where the "covered" bodies and the "exposed" bodies in the shop windows are related; from here the subject "body", keeping its roots in fetishization, evolves and plays in macro theme that introduce the concepts of body + body "supported by performances such as" Meat Joy "," Airtight "and Michaela Stark>, body + nature <supported by the Atomage movement and production art by Ana Mendieta> and finally body + space "defined by Hajime Kinoko's shibari bindage which introduces architectural cross-sections and renderings and ends in brutalist architecture>

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“Foundation” is conceived as an excursus that starts from the concept of “Fashion Landscape” and places the element of the body at the base of the project.
The purpose of the collection is to outline and describe the link between the traditional urban district and the red light districts; places in which the "covered" bodies and the "exposed" bodies relate to each other. Starting from this reflection, the goal is to bring out the "body" by describing its evolution through themes that deal with fetishization and the relationship body + body, body + space, body + nature.
The shooting and the fashion show aim to expose the naked body without constraints or prejudices. In fact, the human figure is main visual subject within the space and is identified as a blank canvas on which the designer models the fabrics by outlining their silhouette.

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Margherita Data

I'm Margherita Data and I'm currently studying Styling and Communication at Naba, Milan.
Since when I was young, I’ve always felt a strong connection with the world of arts. This passion led me to desire to communicate my ideas and my points of view through the artistic expression. I strongly believe that art is a direct and impactful way through which people are able to get excited and to excite.

My creative way of thinking and my passion for reading and writing, allow me to give voice to my thoughts and to physically re-create them in real life.
My desire to continuously investigate, combined with a creative attitude and meticulous attention for details, lead me to a constant need to experiment and explore the unknown.
My goal is to work in the editorial world, field in which I’m allowed to communicate my kind of personal aesthetic through photography.