Meiyi Liu

My name is Meiyi Liu. I want to create works that have life and are in motion all the time. The concept of my brand is elegant, romantic and gothic.


For Now I'm Winter

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“For Now I’m Winter” deals with the theme of loss of interest in our daily-hood, an abrupt loss of passion that makes existence hopelessly empty as a result. The sudden sensation of being numb to our surroundings and life. Loneliness, desolation and fragility.
Abandoning ourselves to the idea that we are the darkness we’ve feared our entire life and tried to suppress by filling our countless days with meaningless hobbies that we now cannot count on anymore to alleviate our sorrow.
A darkness that lies beneath our skin and finally takes over, leaving humans to find comfort in Nature only. A Nature that is cruel and motherly at the same time. A Mother that destroys her creations with no mercy but lulls them gently during their final moments.

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Martina Brovelli

Hi, it’s stylist Martina Brovelli. I’m from Angera (VA) on Lake Maggiore, in the northern part of Italy.
“Where does my passion for fashion come from” is certainly a rather complex question to answer. Whether it was doodling on blank margins during school breaks or on restaurant’s napkins, every surface served as an excellent canvas for little-me. The opportunity to study/work within the creative industry is something I’m really grateful for, as it gives me the possibility to merge passion with duty.
I get most inspired by designer brands that display similar aesthetics to mine: Cecilie Bahnsen, Simone Rocha , Minju Kim and Bora Aksu. I enjoy creatives that are able to seamlessly incorporate human emotions with nature, creating bucolic, at times liminal, spaces and compositions such as photographers Cho Gi-Seok, Zhong Lin and Quentin Shih. I also recently started collecting and browsing fashion magazines documenting sub-cultures from Japan during the 90’s/’00s, like FRUiTS by Shoichi Aoki, CUTiE and EGG magazine. Everything that feels nostalgic is right up my alley.