Martina Pellegrini

Martina was born in Genoa in 2000 and attended Liceo Artistico in Cremona with a specialization in figurative arts, developing a good ability in drawing and experimenting with painting techniques. She has always been passionate about art and everything related to taste and aesthetics. Later he enrolled in the Fashion Design course at the NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti) in Milan, developing a strong interest in knitwear and digital and artisanal printing. In his spare time he loves visiting art exhibitions of all kinds and being in nature.

Flussi sensori

“Man not only perceives space and acts in space, but also fails to express the structure of his world”. My story is inspired by some of Eleonora Fiorani’s reflections and shows the reciprocal Exchange between an individual and space. My journey starts from nowhere and from darkness, from a place that cannot yet be defined as a place, and from a no-space that is still absent and imperceptible. Subsequently, with a principle of light, we can glimpse the slow material composition of ourselves through earth, mud and other organic substances. “Space is therefore in effect a language that speaks of itself and of the other from itself”. The purpose of this trip i sto illustrate my vision of the relationship between space, body and subject, leading a new individual on a sometimes surreal path, alternating between cold colors and warm colors, material textures and evocative images, putting in place a real and own sensory speciation.

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“Man not only perceives space and acts in space, but also fails to express the structure of his world”.
The story of Flow’s first collection is inspired by some Eleonora Fiorani’s reflections about the exchange between an individual and space.
Ideally we start from obscurity, from nothing, from a non-place, in which perception is totally absent. Then, through a principle of light, the organic and living substances are revealed.
This route translates into a collection of textured and material garments, with strong and expressive graphics, to highlight the corporality and the real presence of the living being.

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Viola Nicolis

I'm Viola, I'm 21 and I come from a small town near Verona. I graduated in visual arts from the art school in my city. Now i’m attending the last year of the bachelor's degree in Fashion Styling & Communication, waiting to finally start working in the fashion world.

For this project, I thought of setting the shooting in a natural, rural place, where the model shows off the dark and textured clothes of the collection. The photographic style refers to the neo-digital era and the 90s.The setting for the show is inspired by the works of the artist Linda Tegg.