Armand Filip Ciausoiu

My name is Armand Filip Ciausoiu, originally, I am from Bucharest Romania. For now, I am just an individual which is passionate about fashion, however my interests go far beyond the realm of garments. I have studied throughout my life extensively international history, thus documenting myself about the past has become more of a hobby of mine. While certainly I have an affinity for fashion design, I am most attracted by colors and the messages that one could convey through the medium of clothes.


A representative collection of what people need most in the bleakest of times, hope. A collection that delivers an everlasting imagery of what it truly means to find the light within the darkness.
My all-black menswear collection features sequins and Swarovski embroideries, which showcase my emblem for this idea of hope, “the sun”.

“Flare within Darkness”, is an expressive artisanal collection inspired from the dawned age of Enlightenment. I desired to embody in my work the attitude and style of the 18th century philosophers and artists that propelled our world into a new age of liberal thought and expression. It was relevant to learn from the past how others adapted and overcame adversity.

While there certainly is no clear path for any to follow, I believe that finding that one spark of “hope” which dwindles in each one of us, will go a long way into making us more content.

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My interpretation of the designer’s collection “Flare Within Darkness” goes beyond a message of hope. It tells a story of self reflection in times of chaos and uncertainty. Instead of waiting for life to be different, redesign it yourself. You hold the beauty of your own spark, just set it alive and see how everything changes. I decided to create the entire concept of the collection with the designers main colors: black and gold. A juxtaposition where black represent darkness and sophistication, and gold represents the light we all have inside of us.

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Fabiola Granados Najarro

Hello everyone! My name is Fabiola Granados and I’m 21 years old. I was born and raised in Costa Rica, until I had the opportunity to pursue my dreams of fashion in Milan, Italy.

My passion for fashion comes from a gut feeling. I can take my creativity to the limit, and express everything that comes to mind. Studying Styling and Communications was a right choice for me, since I enjoy developing the brand identity of designers, working with others in order to achieve a goal and being surrounded by the creative minds of the Fashion Industry.