Michela Frangelli

Michela Frangelli
I was born in Varese, I'm 22 and I've been studying fashion design since I started attending NABA. My passion for fashion in fact emerged out of nowhere no one in my family or among my friends was close to that reality. But I immediately understood that this was the way I would have liked to express myself. Right from the start my interest fell on the fashion branch closest to sustainability, having always been very interested to various social issues. It’s also this last assumption that continues to stimulate my creativity and my approach in this world.


The inspiration for the "FIRST THING FIRST" collection comes from the concept of accumulation, a term that now it dominates in a concrete way various aspects in the world. This unregulated trend is giving rise to a reality in which the inexhaustible desires of consumers create significant but often invisible changes. In addition to environmental damage, real garments dumps are created in poorer parts of the world, and these are the same garments that in the West are now perceived as "disposable”. The art of excessivism was also a great inspiration to reflect the starting concept, on which the same artistic current is based, but through different materials and forms. This tendency to excess has been resumed in the volumes and textile processing present in the collection, which represents this concept in one storyline that highlights the progressive sinking of a body now devoid of identity.

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