Filth Collection

The Filth Collection take inspiration from the John Waters' classic cult "Pink Flamingos", starring the iconic drag legend Divine. I used as a main focus the three main characters of the film, analysing their style and personalities and then developing a different moodboard for each one, I then did a research on the 70s style both on the runways and the underground lgbt+ club culture.

I decided to read the Babs character as hyper-sexual and extravagant that led me to design skin-tight garments and corsetry, on the other side I looked at Connie as someone with expensive taste, with a wardrobe full of evening dresses and suits, the Raymond moodboard have a more sartorial menswear take with coats an the scarves.

Two important assets for this collection were inclusivity and sustainability, that led me to designing garments with organic, recycled or recyclable materials, the can enhance all body types and shapes, and casting a good amount of non caucasian, transexual, non-binary models.

Drag horizontally

Jacopo Montanari

I'm Jacopo Montanari, I’m 22 yers old and I was born and raised in San Marino, the fifth smallest state in the world. I started becoming interested at first in sewing and tailoring around the age of 14, starting to make costumes for myself and others, and since I'm a very curious person I started looking at fashion and instantly been captivated by the marvellous runways and the intricate and fabulous garments.