Sofia Maggio

Passion and creativity: two of the characteristics that I have never been able to do without.
After high school studies in foreign lenguages and after spending a year in China, I decided to pursue my goal by studying fashion design, driven by the desire to create, experiment and participate in what I love most: fashion.
I live in my great world made of pieces sewn together that take inspiration from different places, people and feelings that I live every day through my life.

Fils connectes

The feeling that connects me to my land is something insatiable, something eternal: it is a fire that grows inside me when I move away, which is satisfied only when I get close.
Sicily is a cloth of embroidery, tears, patches and seams that keep inside of it the beauty of its years, its conquests and its failures.
The connection between me and my land has always been a strong inspiration for me, but at the same time it made me want to look beyond, to discover what was one step further from that triangle of earth craving for warmth.
If there is something that Sicily has left me as a gift, it is the admiration for art in all its shades and origins.
The immediacy of the color and the harmony of the composition communicate in a dialogue between shapes and profiles typical of the Sicilian costume of the 60s.
A bond between textures, embroidery and craftsmanship that depart from the wild, energetic art of Fauvism, tying itself to the tradition of my land, which has profoundly influenced my project.
This project was conceived with the goal of creating as little impact as possible on the environment by the use of fabric scraps and stock funds for the realization of textile manipulations made through natural dyeing processes and craftsmanship.

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