Teng Dong

Hello everyone, my name is Dong Teng. I am from China and was born in 1999. I am about to graduate from NABA University with a major in fashion design. The theme of my graduation project is "Mermaid Party".
Retro is a cycle. Incorporate a large number of retro elements from the 60s into the series, reform and opening of the 60s and the feminine spiritual thinking of the fit together mermaid. Mermaid can well interpret the strength and softness of modern ladies.
While showing life raised by the ocean, I also combined the sleek mermaid shape with retro elements from the 60s and 70s, which can also be well reflected in modern women swear design.


The ancient legend of the mermaid in the 60s and 70s subtly but profoundly influences the elegance and development of women 's clothing. In the works of art and in the design of the costumes, the reference to the figure of the mermaid can be understood from the use of colors and above all from the silhouette.
   In my research I discovered that in those years we often disguised ourselves as mermaids at parties on the sea and I want to revive the trendy and retro taste of this very interesting phenomenon.
    So I did a series of research on the subject and integrated the design elements of the collection by calling it "mermaid party". I combined the elegant shape of the mermaid with the retro elements of the 60s and 70s for a look that is in step with the times.

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