Viviana Toro

Viviana Toro,

born in Maglie on 5 August 1998, residing in Scorrano (LE).
I attended the IISS MAGLIE “LANOCE”, a Fashion oriented high school.
From October 2019 I moved to Milan where I started studyng “Fashion Design” at NABA.

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IG: anaivv_


The ice has frozen the past and old conceptions, taking humans into a new ice age. Here a woman is generated, androgynous, evolved, conducive to progress and far from the preconceptions of the old civilisation. She is finally able to rediscover herself and her own nature. Shapes that enhance the body without any censorship, flowy dresses that convey a sense of lightness. Bright colours, see-through and reflective fabrics narrate about a woman who is not afraid to be looked at.

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